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Bear Creek Pioneers Park

It’s Big and Awesome (Just like Texas)!

Bear Creek Pioneers Park is located near some very busy places, but it’s so big you won’t notice.  The options here are varied and numerous.  It could be a quick trip to the playground or a full day extended family picnic.

Good news, the restroom facilities are numerous and clean!  They are also really easy to find because they’re all up on hills. The downside of this park? You do NOT want to be here when it rains. The whole place floods.

There are many, many, many “camping” sites with built-in tables with grills.  However, camping is not allowed except by scouts.  Other than that the sites are first-come, first-served. There is a community center on site that can be rented. It has an active rotation of events during the week.  They do ask that you call to verify times before starting a new activity (281) 859-1566.

One of the things that makes this park unique, and a big hit, is the onsite Wildlife Habitat & Aviary.  If you come in off N. Eldridge on to War Memorial you will pass the War Memorial and park offices on the left.  The next buildings you will see are the aviary.  A couple of the feathered friends talk, so say, “Hi!” – especially to the green parrot and pink cockatoo.  Then there is a long chain link fence that are the enclosures for the animals. Parking can be found along the road and there are some lots and the walk is probably about a quarter of a mile to see them all.

You really would be remiss if you skip the War Memorial it is a really lovely tribute to the Harris County residents to who died in service to our country during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the first Persian Gulf War, and conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It is an ongoing project that is maintained beautifully.

If you can’t get enough there are other opportunities around the park like those posited by the Harris County Master Gardeners, on the other side of the park, who host Lectures and Workshops.


The physical address is: 3535 War Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77084


On the street inside the park (not parallel), lots, and at picnic sites. Easy to find.

Know Before You Go

  • When it rains it floods. If you visit when there is a good chance of rain be prepared to hustle on out of there.
  •  In addition, to the normal park facilities, it is home to the Harris County War Memorial, a wildlife habitat, several sports’ association’s fields – Westside Soccer Club, Bear Creek  Little League, West Houston Girls’ Softball Association, & CY-Fair Sports Association, to name a few. But, there are also tennis courts and equestrian trails and horseshoe pits, so expect it to be much busier on the weekends.

Have a great visit!

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