Nine Unconventional Schools in Houston


  1. I appreciate you sharing this list of schools. I recommend adding “Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart” to your list. My daughter graduated from this school and she said that she learned a lot from it. Houston’s best private schools.

  2. Do you happen too know if Ridgemont Academy closed? The website isn’t working and the phone number only gives a busy signal.

  3. The Saint Constantine School also has a hybrid program! M/W/F are dedicated to core subjects, and T/TR are dedicated to enrichment: music, gardening, art, creative writing, physical education, choir, and so forth. Parents can choose a full 5-day program, or core/enrichment only — whatever fits the family’s individual needs!

    1. Author

      Fantastic, I have it added to the list!

    2. Highlands Latin Cottage School in Nassau Bay should be added as well as a classical hybrid option.

  4. Acton Academy has no teachers, only guides. No report cards, only student-earned badges and portfolios to prove mastery of skills. No classrooms, only studios. No assigned homework, only what a child chooses to continue doing at home. No bureaucracy, only a lean machine that drives the cost of private schooling down to below that of any other model we’ve ever seen. You won’t hear an announcement over an intercom by a principal nor will you see a teacher overseeing recess. You won’t hear buzzers announcing the end of math period or science class.

    This radical power shift is not one of children running wild, although there are days when chaos reigns. The Acton story is most surprising in that it reveals children who care so deeply about their learning that they work hard, hold tight boundaries for each other, and rise to excellence in ways we never imagined.

    Acton Academy is grounded in a trusting of children and the belief that they must and can handle big responsibilities. Come see what a difference your child can make.

  5. Under Montessori schools you should also add The Post Oak School which also goes through 12th grade.

    1. Author

      Thanks, got it on there!

  6. This article talks about best educational options for homeschooling children and Language Arts Academy is in that list. We are so proud! We invite you to come in @ 5503 FM 2920 Rd. Spring TX 77388 832-458-2300 Contact@LanguageArtsAcademy.Com for class schedule and more information, we also provide special needs programs. We offer a la carte programs, private (one-on-one) tutoring; we will offer soon a Hybrid Classical program twice a week. We are one stop for all your educational needs.

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