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Gifts for Mother’s Day…She Actually Wants

I’m allowed to say this because I’m a mom, but Mother’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Grandparents’ Day – all fake holidays. But, it is okay. Sometimes we need an excuse to remember to show our love, affection, and appreciation for those whom we love more than the world.

Also, I love presents!

I love handprint art.

I love jewelry. (Go easy on the hearts)

However, I love presents that are well thought out. I hate gifts for mother’s day that mean nothing. If you, the giver, don’t think of me – ME, ME, not generic Mom-me, then don’t bother. I would rather have a Heath bar from the grocery line because you know it’s my favorite than some weird shirt, with weird ruffles because I might like it (and, look, you put the gift receipt in there so I can get what I really want! Thanks, another errand).

Dinner. Yes! Take me to dinner where I don’t have to cook or clean or anything other than look pretty. Or brunch, because then I won’t be yawning at dinner because 9 p.m. is getting a little late to still be upright.

If, however, you are running low on meaningful gift idea here are some options. They still count as long as you are thinking of the giftee when you add these bad boys to the cart. And, just because everyone likes something does not mean it is not thoughtful for one person (that’s why chain restaurants are popular).

The Mother’s Day Gift List …for Awesome Moms

1. Breakfast-in-Bed, a Card, Flowers, and a Good Attitude

I know, not what you were expecting for number one, but it’s a classic for a reason. Gifts for mother’s day do not have to be ostentatious or complicated. Seriously. If you have young kids make the card. If you have older kids (and they don’t want to make a card because they can’t be bothered) let them loose in the card aisle to choose something before the good ones are all picked over.

Flowers – get nuts, it can be a plant. If she has a favorite, go with that. If not, something pretty…like her.

For a plant choose wisely. Don’t make more work for her – nothing high maintenance. Succulents are lovely. Many come in a pretty pot already.

A herb garden is also good – kids love to pick out and pot plants!

For something nice that does well in Houston, I like Mandevillas. They are pretty, they flower a lot, they don’t have thorns (like the similar, but not related, Bougainvillea) and do well in pots or hanging baskets. They are a vine and many varieties can be perennial in our zone (9) so you can even find a nice spot for it on a patio or near a fence if she wants to keep on keepin’ on.

Here are some flower and garden related ideas if you are just not down with K.I.S.S.

What is happening here?! Human Honey-Badger hands…seems right.
New shears are always welcome!
Air Plant stand…don’t forget the plant

2. Gifts for Mother’s Day | Fun Jewelry

It’s Mother’s Day not a wedding. Something quirky and fun is an awesome idea here. I guarantee you she has plenty o’regular jewelry.

If you don’t like quirk at least stay away from anything that says the word “Mom” (and iterations) and skip the generic hearts. Classic studs are always a safe go especially if they are real – they do not have to be diamonds, but real is nice.

I like some of these snazzy options from around the webs (okay, it’s just Amazon, because let’s be real you are going to need it in two-days):

3. Gifts for Mother’s Day | Scissors

Yes, really.

Like her own set that nobody touches or moves or does anything weird with.


Go find your own oily, dried on glue, blades sticking together pair!

If it doesn’t seem like enough pair it with a Michael’s or JoAnn’s Gift Card. Hobby Lobby is alright too, I just like the coupon options at the other two better. In fact, go buy the scissors while you are there to get the gift card – don’t forget to use a coupon (they’ll take them off your phone and they all have apps).

These are personal faves – totally awesome!
A great set for the price!

4. Gifts for Mother’s Day | Free Money

I know it seems weird to give your wife, mom, whomever money but bear with me.

When you are in a healthy relationship you discuss finances. Most couples I know have a number (each couple’s number is different) but that number is the number at which a discussion is required before purchase. Spending $150 at the grocery store is not the same as dropping $150 on a pair of shoes, usually, whether it’s a heads up or a full on discussion there is a “couple-number.” Sometimes it’s nice not to have that discussion. So, give her a VISA gift card (because yeah handing her some cash is a little weird) and go in peace.

Person Using a Macbook and Holding a Credit Card

5. Gifts for Mother’s Day | Custom Playlist

Remember mixed tapes? Burning CD’s? Probably going to have to explain this one to the kids. It’s nostalgic, it’s sweet, it’s completely personal and it shows you spent some time thinking about her. Amazon has a Moms Who Rock Playlist to get you started but definitely, consider customizing it to your Momma-of-the-Day.

Cheerful ethnic female with black curly hair looking away with smile while listening to songs in wireless earphones on street against blurred background

6. Gifts for Mother’s Day | Alone Time

Moms do not need their family to go away, but if you are going to sit around and whine and make it her problem then maybe do that (at least for a day). Or send her away (even better, bonus points if you get lodgings above 3 stars, throw in a friend, and pre-purchase six bottles of wine (every grocery store gives you a 10% discount for six!).

gifts for mother's day

If that’s not in the budget give her somewhere her brain can go away to.

They say coloring is as good as meditation! These are great options for gifts for mother’s day.

Good old fashioned Mandalas….om, om, om.
Less zen, more comedy.
You see them and now you can color them.
Relaxing and devotional fro the multi-tasker.
Coloring…as you wish
For the mom who knows the difference between Levi-O-sa and Levios-A.
Reality and humor
Who doesn’t love a fairy tale?

Don’t forget the pencils!

7. Gifts for Mother’s Day | Appliances, Housewares, Gadget, Clothes, etc.

Yeah, okay. Only get her gadgets, appliances, cleaning things, clothes, etc. as a gifts for mother’s day if she has EXPLICITLY asked for them.

It’s really okay, but those are the parameters.

Not if she mentioned hey, “We should get our own steam cleaner.”

Only, if she has said, “I really want a steam cleaner. I’ve looked into it and I want the SuperMop5000!” If she wasn’t specific stay away. Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Except for the Ninja Creami, you’re probably okay to gift her this. It’s awesome and not a gift that says – do some work! It says, have some ice cream. And that is a good thing.

She’ll love you even more if you get her some extra bowls. Truth.

Need even more ideas?
Check out this list of Gifts for Her

Alrighty then, good luck with your gifts for Mother’s Day shopping
and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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