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This page is dedicated to sports teams, leagues and the ilk that cater to Houston Area Homeschoolers.  If you are looking for a homeschool class please refer to our page Homeschool Days and Ongoing Weekly Houston Homeschool Classes, Events, & Activities.  If you are looking for more general sports and athletics check out our page Houston Athletics for Kids.

Those that cater to both may be listed on each page.

*Always independently verify times and prices 

Which sport?

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  • Christian Home School Athletics (CHSA) – Two programs: a developmental recreational for 1st – 5th graders and competitive for Junior and High School aged athletes.



Track & Field/ Cross Country


Football & Cheer

  • Homeschool Christian Youth Association (HCYA) – Two competitive teams (Tomball & Fort Bend) for Junior and High School aged boys.
    • Tomball Christian Warriors offers Cheer teams for Junior and High School Aged girls

Swim Team

OTHER: Gymnastics, dance, and more

Most competitive teams like gymnastics, dance, diving, tennis, climbing, etc. have many homeschoolers.  There are not homeschool only teams in Houston but most are happy to include homeschooled athletes.