Will’s Words

So, the kid has been saying Dada for awhile (in context and everything) and he has a special d-sound for when he sees the dogs.  It’s not really a “real” word, but one of those “mom” words – I know what he means but you would probably not catch on.  Though, he does try to make it easier by pointing at the fluff balls while he says, “duh.”

Anyhoo, he decides to say, “Hi” yesterday.  It was awesome and adorable.  Not only “Hi” but “Hi, Dada.”  I think that qualifies as a sentence.  So, the kid can put two words together but can’t come up with “Mama.” WTF!  Seriously, he’s just toying with me.  When he finally deigns to drop the big “M” it better be super-fantastic.  Not just “Mama (pick me up)”  it better be “Mama (I want a hug).”  It’s a good thing he’s mine or I’d probably say bad things about him like I do to other people’s kids.

BTW, the kid’s doing better.  I’ll put up a photo whenever the camera decides it wants to connect to the computer.  I think it’s a low battery thing.  I am simply unmotivated to figure it out right now.

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  1. Maybe if you didn’t punch him in the face, he would be more inclined to say “mama”. If you want, I can have Emma teach him some Mandrian.

  2. What a great way to start a day when I can’t be there to kiss that SBW !! I’m so happy you’re showing some restraint, trust an old Mom when I say, once he starts talking, he probably won’t stop and you’ll wonder where all those QUIET(?) moments went to …. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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