Identity Crisis and the many personalities of a 4YO

In the past year or so my four year-old has morphed into many new and exciting people  – the most recent being Jack Sparrow, or as he says, “Jack of the Caribbean.”  So, as we were driving along I was chatting on the phone with my Momma and she, naturally, asks how the boys are doing and I offhandedly mention SBW (my nickname for the wee one) is in the backseat.

SBW overhearing this says, “No, I’m not SBW.”

So, without missing a beat I correct myself on the phone, “Oh, wait sorry, it’s Jack of the Caribbean.”

Again, the peanut gallery pipes up, “No, I’m not Jack of the Caribbean.”

Okay.  “So who, pray tell, is back there?”

“The Spirit of Aggieland.”

Seems like some big shoes to fill but I’m glad he aims high.


kyle field panorama
photo credit: eschipul

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