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18 | Sensory Friendly Days at the Children’s Museum Houston




Included with general admission


Children’s Museum Houston, 1500 Binz St, Houston, TX 77004

Sensory Friendly Days DETAILS

From the organizer:

Children with autism spectrum disorder and their families are invited to experience the Museum with dimmed lights, limited extra sounds and no distracting motions during this private event. Extra signage is added to help visitors determine things not to climb on, and entrances between exhibits where it is good to stop and wait for an adult before continuing. Our Sensory Friendly Days offer a wonderful relief from extra stimuli. These exclusive events include the following modifications:

  • Less crowded environment
  • Light and sound reduction
  • Extra visual safety signage
  • Designated quiet rooms

*Fresh Café is not open during this event. You may bring your own lunch and snacks.

Museum Story Guides have been created to help you and your child familiarize yourself with the Museum and its exhibits before your visit. Written from a child’s perspective, the guides can be helpful in planning which exhibits to visit and in which order:

Registration is required for this event. Click above for tickets.

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