23-30 | Call or Letter from the North Pole







Call from the North Pole DETAILS

From the organizer:

Previously, the City of Deer Park hosted a Call from the North Pole however it does not seem to be a current program. Fortunately, there are options!

Santa’s Hotline is a phone number hosted by FreeConferenceCall helping families all around the world get into the holiday spirit. Call Santa’s Hotline and let good ol’ Saint Nicolas share the gift of giving. It is 100% free (Normal carrier rates apply) and available 24 hours a day. Plus, after you finish leaving a message for Santa, they will text you instructions on how to replay your message.

The hotline is available in multiple languages, for a full list check out the ‘More Information’ button above. But, here are two of the more common options for Houstonians:

Looking for a reply to a letter from the North Pole? USPS can help you out – try to send your letter by December 1st to get a reply by Christmas.

Looking for more seasonal events? Be sure to check out our Guide to Winter in Houston!

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