Dress Up Your Pet Day

15 Cutest Pets to Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Who says dressing up is just for Halloween? Or humans?

National Dress Up Your Pet Day celebrates the cutest non-human family members and we found some pretty cute ones!

They need not be furry, but they must be amenable – or, perhaps they’ve just given up on their people. Either way, they are dressed to impress!

Looking at all these pictures of dressed up pets makes me happy that sometimes people have nothing better to do. 🙂

  1. Pugwarts! His name is Draco – is it nitpicky to say he needs a Slytherin tie? Still super cute!


2. This one is so perfect! This is Henry, his sister is Daisy and like many little brothers, he seems like he might have been an afterthought (he doesn’t even get second billing on their page!). But, he is so sweet in his own right – look at those jowls!


3. This little bird’s name is Veggie. Can you guess what she’s dressed up as? Bwahahaha!


4. It’s a potbellied pig dressed up like a bumblebee. How cute is she? Don’t answer she’s too cute. I already know. Plus she’s an activist!


5. When you’re a princess you just have to shine! This is a leopard gecko named Gweneth.


6. This ferret’s name is Nibbler. It’s weird because we have the same outfit on.


7. I’m a sucker for all things Star Wars.  I also may have a new hobby – watching guinea pigs eat carrots.


8. This is exactly what I wear every Taco Tuesday!


9. It’s a Shib-icorn!


10.  This might be my favorite find from all of the Instapet rockstars. I love his determined look!  We are also very partial to Skippy Jon Jones…



11. Marvel is everywhere might as well be here too! Thor and Loki and clearly the A-game was brought!


12. How much batting died to turn this horse into a sheep.  Clearly, money well spent!


13. Wow!  Love it!


14. When you are this pretty you get to preen!


15. Winning!  I realize it’s not a competition but way to work with what you have!


Love all these fur babies!  Are you dressing up your pet today?

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