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09 | Sensory Friendly & Accessible Easter Egg Hunt with Plymouth United Church






Plymouth United United Church of Christ | 5927 Louetta Rd., Spring, TX 7737

Accessible Easter Egg Hunt DETAILS

From the organizer:

Plymouth United Spiritual Formation for Children EASTER EGG HUNT

**Free ** Accessible ** Sensory Friendly ** Top 8 Allergen Free **

Easter 2023 April 9th after 10 am worship

SMALL-GROUP EGG-HUNTS for Ages 0-2 ** 3-6 ** 7-12

Accommodations include:
* Outdoor driveway egg hunt for wheelchair accessibility
* Outdoor large grassy yard hunt for social distancing
* Top 8 allergen-friendly treats and non-food items
* Visually impaired balloon eye-level eggs

Bring a basket and celebrate new beginnings with us!

Please contact education@plymouthunited.org for questions or help us meet your child’s individual accessibility requirements.

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