• Winter ReadingBook Club: 2019 Winter List
    In the winter she curls up around a good book and dreams away the cold. Ben Aaronovitch, Broken Homes Winter reading is a mug of coffee and comfy socks. When the temps dip below 65 it is winter (hey, it’s Houston we’re a bit delicate when it comes to cold!) and we huddle in our warm homes with the heat on. That is all the excuse we need to stay in. And if you are going to stay in you might as well read. Here is what […]
  • Teaching Newton’s Three Laws of Motion
    In an effort to simplify but still maintain the basics I switched a lot of our homeschool over to The Good and the Beautiful (TGTB). We have also been involved with co-ops and enrichment days and classes, oh my! This year we endeavored to begin our own co-op to handle all those things that tend to get sidelined at home and are easy to do with a group – history, science, art, P.E., and languages. If I have seen further than […]
  • Moody Gardens Ice LandMoody Gardens Ice Land: Pole to Pole
    Moody Gardens Ice Land: Pole to Pole is happening right now!  We just visited as part of our Homeschool Day and it is really great. One of the holiday events that is absolutely worth your time and money.  Although, if you go during regular events I would definitely suggest a combo ticket and see the lights too! Upon entering the Moody Gardens Ice Land: Pole to Pole tent you are treated to a seven-minute film about the construction.  A […]
  • Moody Gardens Homeschool DayMoody Gardens Home School Day
    Five times per year our triple pyramided friends to the south put on homeschool programs – and the Moody Gardens Home School Day is awesome!  Each program day has a different theme and allows entrance into different areas of the Moody Gardens campus. We attended the December outing which was themed Aquarium & Ice Land: Pole to  Pole.  It was a great program, appropriate for the entire family, and really […]
  • Horseback Riding LessonsHorseback Riding Lessons for Kids: What To Know Before Getting in the Saddle
    Horseback riding lessons for kids may be on your list of experiences to gift your kids for the holidays.  I know in our neverending quest to find non-toy gifts lessons are a top option.  Or, perhaps you are just getting ideas for activities to begin in the New Year.  Either way, we have a great guest post from an expert on the subject of riding and kids. Nicky Ellis is an editor at Horses & Foals and a mom of […]
  • 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Pre-K & Kindergartners
    Gift for Pre-K and Kindergarten aged kids are the sweet spot of imagination and repetition. They love to play and are fun to play with. Enjoy! […]
  • 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Homeschoolers
    Gifts for homeschoolers can be a lot of fun to buy.  They tend to skirt the norm and delve into odd-specifics. museums, experiences, subscriptions, trips, and classes are always a great bet – those can really stack up if you are a homeschool parent! Homeschooling is very tailored to the child(ren) and they often have very specific wants that may not be obvious because they may be learning about a certain topic and be “all-in.”  […]
  • 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens or Pre-Teens
    Gifts for tweens or pre-teens, the 9-12 set, can be hard to figure out. They are too old for this, too young for that! We have found the Goldilocks of gifts – just right for these kiddos. 1: Escape Room Experience  |  2: Wreck This Journal  |  3: Ask Me About My Trex T Shirt |  4: National Geographic Mega Slime & Putty Lab  |  5: Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration  |  6: K’NEX Thrill Rides – Bionic Blast […]
  • 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Elementary or School Aged Kids
    Gifts for elementary or school-aged kids is almost too easy! There are so many options! And, if they have seen a commercial?! Whoa. We’ve curated a more manageable list. 1: littleBits Marvel Avengers Hero Inventor Kit – Build Super Hero Gear & Code Your Own Super Powers  |  2: 6ft Kids Cotton Canvas Indian Teepee   |  3: Gobblet Gobblers  |  4: The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors  |  5: Anki Cozmo  |  6: Boys Cotton […]
  • 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Teens
    Gifts for teens are that fine line between fun and functional.  We have great ideas for your almost adult! 1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |   12 More ideas for TEENS! Shop more Gift Collections […]