USB Cable Missing

No pics today. Somewhere there is a lonely USB cable.  When he is found and returned we will put him back to work.  Until then, you’ll just have to come here for my wit (and hope I’m motivated enough to email pics from my phone to myself –  clearly, I’m not yet).

Anyhoo, Master William is being a bipolar baby.  Happy then sad. Sad then happy.  It’s possible he has an ear infection or the molars are rumbling again (thanks for that one day off, teeth).  Or, maybe, just maybe, he is a bit off because he misses his Daddy. Naa, he has me, what else could he possibly want or need? 

Hey, maybe someone should do a study on the effects of an absent father. 

Oh, it’s been done. 

They all turn into to Howard-Stearn-loving-whores? 

Well, let’s hope Dear Daddy comes back soon. 

Oh no, it’s too late!

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