Trip Report (5.0) – A Single Mom in Grand Cayman on Valentine’s Day

Dave-O went diving in Grand Cayman so there are no pics.  I was not about to carry one more thing (camera included).  I had a baby and a frickin’ heavy bag with snorkel gear.  It was a good thing too because the lovely Internet said there was snorkeling within walking distance of the cruise ship peirs.  I’m sure there was.  I’m sure it was lovely.  There was simply no real beach access to it.  And, I was not inclined to leave SBW sitting on the side of a dock while I took a ladder down to the water to go snorkeling – I know, I know, don’t hand out that Mom-of-the-Year trophy, yet I’m sure I’ll have more wonderfullness to share throughout the year. 

So, after walking for like 3 miles, we hailed a cab and went to a private beach.  It was nice.  The bar was close (I’ll take my trophy now, please).

Anyhoo, long story long, I took no pics.  Maybe we’re on someone elses camera, but alas, not on mine.  Just look at the ones from Jamaica.  Will did pretty much the same thing. 

We did manage to get a couple from – oh guess where? – you got it! Dinner.

The waitstaff did a little dance for us. 

Nikki joined in:


Chris got a little down:


It was so much fun we even let Sky come out from under the table for a few minutes:


And, Will ate like a little piggy (not sure if you can tell in the pic, but he’s drenched in water and smeared with cookie):


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