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08 | Texas Parks and Wildlife Total Eclipse Viewing


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Texas Parks and Wildlife Total Eclipse Viewing DETAILS

From the organizer:

The total eclipse will not be seen in the Houston area but if you can hop in the car and head north or west there are plenty of opportunities in our vast network of state parks (or you know, some parking lot in the area).

The moon will start to block the sun around noon on April 8. Totality will begin at 1:30 p.m. near Del Rio and trace a line northeast across Texas. Totality will last from a few seconds to about 4.5 minutes depending on where you are along the path. Only those in the path of totality will get the full eclipse experience.

You will see a partial solar eclipse before and after the time of greatest coverage. If you’re outside of the eclipse’s path of totality, you will see a partial eclipse.

These parks are in the path of totality for the April eclipse: 

A partial eclipse will be visible in all other state parks. 


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