Tiny Dancer

This past weekend we had “technical difficulties.”  I put wee William to bed and flipped on the monitor.  Unfortunately, someone behind us has also invested in the super-cool-video monitor (and, they are just close enough that it messes with the feed in our room – where I like to sleep and monitor SBW). 

Well, Sweet Baby Will was Sleeping Baby Will and the Daddy and I were being adults – watching TV in bed and then the monitor started doing that interference buzz.  So, without looking I reached over and adjusted it until the noise stopped.  Unwittingly, moving the monitor into a dead zone – where it was quite because it was not receiving video or audio.

After about thirty minutes I hear the baby on the other side of the house and begin to realize what has happened.  I leaped from the bed (seriously, I think I might have pulled something) and rushed to his room only to discover he was perfectly fine (of course he started crying when he saw me). 

I have no idea how long he was up but it was at least long enough for him to get out of bed and turn on his floor lamp, his light-up pink flamingo, CD player (it was only on the second track), and start dancing.  There he was standing in the middle of his bed rocking out to James Blunt, at midnight.

I was definitely more upset than he was but it didn’t take long for me to appreciate the hilarity of the situation.  I wish I had pictures or video, but alas, in this case let’s hope 268 words are worth a picture.

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