Broken Eggs

Family Tales: The Great Egg Incident

There he was, my dear husband, in the kitchen getting ready to reheat some leftovers.  Suddenly, CRASH-BANG-BOOM!!!  I lept from the couch to see if he needed some assistance.  The scene was hilarious:  Dave had dropped some cookie sheets that were being stored in the oven (he claims they were top heavy),  Will was standing next to me near the entrance to the kitchen, in the distance were two broken eggs and an open refrigerator.

The scene was hilarious:  The husband is standing in front of an open oven with cookies sheets all around him because he had dropped them due to him “claiming” they were top heavy,  my 21-month old is standing next to me (near the entrance to the kitchen), in the distance are two broken eggs and an open refrigerator.

Apparently, my child is brilliant (or diabolical).

The little one had climbed into the refrigerator to retrieve the eggs (he later demonstrated). He merely had the unfortunate luck to be making a clean get-away when the clatter occurred and those two eggs just dropped right out of his hands (they were spaced perfectly to jibe with baby-hand-width ).  The brilliant part is that he didn’t cry or get scared, no, at 21 months, he ran around the back of the kitchen to stand next to me and gave the perfect what-happened-in-there? face.


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