Lego Life of George

Lego Life of George Builds

This is a bit of a niche post. Because if you do not already have Lego’s Life of George you have already missed the boat. It has been discontinued along with its app (that you need to play the game). But, I am not telling you what to do. So, if buying obsolete games is your thing then, maybe, you are in the right place!

This is the game, here on the left. It is Lego’s Life of George {aff link, but do not buy it – really}. It actually was a pretty innovative game just one of those that did not get released at the right time or maybe in the right way.

The idea is that the box comes with a set of Lego bricks and a black dotted board. Then, to play it, you need to download an app from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. The app gives you a 2D shape to build. Then you build it in a certain amount of time and lay it on the board. Snap a picture and the app checks it. You could compete against other players too.

I picked mine up on sale because my kiddo loves Legos. However, if you note on the box it says for 14+. There is a reason. Mostly, it is the time component. My kid did not like being timed at all and it was too fast for him anyway. Maybe if they had had an easier mode it would have made the game more accessible for more ages and more popular. In fact, here is a video below that explains it.

In any case, recently my youngest rediscovered the game and began just building the shapes shown on the box. So, I thought, if he is happy with this I can just get some of the builds and he can build them. It was a bit hard to find them. I did manage to locate a few so I made a pdf – in case you too have a kid who wants to build with the game pieces. It is convenient to know they can build everything shown with just what’s in the box.

To see the build options click the picture below:

Lego Life of George

If you ever downloaded the app you should be able to get it again from the store. However, it may not be compatible with your current device. If you never had it you are probably out of luck on that front. I am sure someone somewhere can help you figure out how to get the app but that is not in this mama’s technical wheelhouse.

Happy building!

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