I Love Small Town News

I ran across this wonderfully written article in the local paper from Bolivar, TX.  I assumed from the title, Woolly Booger, it will be a little fluff piece about some scientist doing something from some left over bit of a Woolly Mammoth.
Instead, it was more entertaining than a trying-to-hard-to-be-witty satire piece by The Onion.  Small town papers can get away with anything.  There is no political correctness.  There is only real common sense logic without all the censorship forced on mass news.  In this article ,the author Mack Hall, pokes fun at every entity who might have a dog in the race.  No one escapes.  He takes on Aggies, the government, exotic-animal markets, the Tea Party, Native Americans, Catholics, hippies, Chinese, and more – with no shortage of well written puns.  I love a good pun.
An article from The Beach Triton by Mack Hall, February 2011


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  1. I do believe that “Wooly Booger” has been thouroughly picked at, on and up so I’ll leave well enough alone.

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