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How to Embed a Pinterest Board into a Post when the Pinterest Instructions & Widgets Fail

So, you have done everything to embed a Pinterest board into your post. You have even gone into Filezilla and edited your footer.php file…and had to figure out what that was. You’ve downloaded a widget and a shortcode builder and read those directions on the Pinterest widget builder page a thousand times and still no embedded board.

Embedding a Pinterest board to your post seems pretty straightforward. After all, you probably had no problem adding it to your sidebar. For certain people it probably is. But, for the average blogger, who has dipped their toes into WordPress but is not so tech-savvy, this can be frustrating and annoying and makes you a little snippy because you know this is something that should be easy but it has now consumed another hour of your time.

So how to do it when you have tried all that other stuff? It is actually super easy. Probably easier than building one through Pinterest. Unfortunately, this information is not readily available and I hate that I do not remember where I found it (to give credit where it is due) because I did and used it successfully. Then, I wanted to embed another board on a different post and could not figure it out…again!? So, I went back to my first post and copied from the text editor and voilà exactly what I wanted an embedded board in my post.

How To Embed a Pinterest Board into a Post

1. Navigate on Pinterest to the board you want to embed and copy the url.

2. Copy the text below and replace the url in red with your url. Adjust the size by changing the numbers in blue.

<center><a data-pin-do=”embedBoard” data-pin-board-width=”800″ data-pin-scale-height=”440″ data-pin-scale-width=”150″ href=”https://www.pinterest.com/GHMoms/best-of-ghm/”></a></center>

3. Paste it into your Text Editor where you want to board to be visible.

4. Publish your post.

5. Important Note: This needs to be the very last thing you do before you are ready to publish because you CANNOT return to the visual editor. Ever. If you switch over to tweak something it will delete the code. You can add it back but you’ll need to remember how to do it. 🙂

3. Update 2019: Since we all updated to Gutenberg this process is much, much easier and editable. All you need to do is create a Custom HTML block (press the + sign button and search for HTML, it is part of the ‘Formatting’ group) and paste that code into it. Boom. You’re done. You can come back and edit the rest of the post as needed.

This is how the link above looks:

3b. Alternately: You can also use the ‘Embed URL’ block and just paste the url of the board. The drawback here is that the size of the board is not adjustable as in the code above.

This is how the ‘Embed URL’ block looks:

Happy Blogging!


    1. I updated the info on how to currently do it. It is even easier and you can preview and change it now!

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