Don’t Let Her Fool You

I finally got around to registering little Brucey as a legit Labrador Retriever. It may have been my way of convincing myself not to put her puppy butt up on Craigslist.

Her official name is Bunny Bruce the Destroyer. It is ridiculously appropriate. She’s both bouncy (you should see this dog’s mad ups) and a destructive mongrel (just today she realized there was a black rubber mat that she hadn’t tasted – it hadn’t bothered her at all for the past eight months- the patio hose got a new hole – it was like a frickin’ tsunami out the window – and, of course, she tried to teach the pool robot another lesson).

Let’s hope we can whip this little mutt into shape soon because, at this rate, I don’t know how long I can keep her in the family.


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