A Christmas Conversation with a Four Year-Old Boy…Please tell me this is normal!

As we were watching television the commercial marketing machine hit – this time in the form of a stuffed animal that can be turned inside out to make a house/pillow thingy. I said, in response to the newest request, “Oh, wonderful, that looks like something we can put on your Christmas list!”

Thank The Good Lord Above this Christmas list thing is still working!

Which, of course, brought about a conversation about what else is on the list (Transformer Rescue Bots, cookie dough press, basically anything that there is a commercial for on childrens’ networks). Then, completely spontaneously and non-television induced SBW says, “And, I want a gun that shoots automatically.”

I say, “Like an automatic weapon?”

SBW: “Yeah, an automatic weapon. I want one that you have to lay down so you can sneak up.”

Me: “So, more like a long range assault rifle?”

SBW: “Yeah, a long range assault rifle.”

Me: “Hmm, okay, guess we can put it on the list.”

In all fairness, I know this comes directly from one of his favorite army men, as it is laying down with a huge gun on a tripod. It’s still a bit disturbing to have a four year old ask for a gun you lay down to shoot.  Maybe I should just be happy he doesn’t want make-up and high heels?

Creative Commons License photo credit: braveacts

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