26 Basic Phonograms Slideshow

Fun with Phonograms

Reading is all about the phonograms. There are so many theories out there and sight words absolutely have their place, but it all comes back down to being able to blend sounds together to make words.

Two of the more popular systems out there are All About Reading & Spell to Write and Read, both use 70 basic phonograms as the basis to successfully teaching a child to read.

In my school, we incorporate the letters with movement, but none of our cards had it all together in a nice easy way to go through it. Plus, it is kind of a pain to sort cards while you are jumping. So, I’ve compiled a slide show that shows the upper and lower case of each letter, its main sound(s), and a physical movement to do along with it (tying movement to the letter and sound cements it into a child’s memory).

This presentation is the basic 26 letter of the alphabet which is appropriate for beginning readers of pre-K through Kindergarten age – always depending on the readiness of your individual child.

I highly, recommend downloading the free All About Reading App to familiarize yourself with the proper pronunciation of each phonogram. And, say them out loud so you can correct any errors in your own pronunciation before teaching your child (for instance ‘duh’ for the letter d, instead of a clipped /d/ sound).

click here >>>>>  26 BASIC PHONOGRAMS

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