Boo from Monsters Inc Costume

Sunday Sale: Chasing Fireflies Costume Picks

I don’t love a lot of junk mail and catalogs. They just clog up my mailbox and I don’t have a ton of time for any of that. However, the Chasing Fireflies’ Halloween Catalog is my favorite and I always give it a good perusing. I really appreciate that their choices are already curated and the girls’ look like something you want to put your little girl in without it being too short and slightly vulgar.

Now, their costumes don’t come cheap, but there are some as low as $30 and you really could use some of them again. For instance, if you plan on attending a Renaissance Festival or if you’re planning a trip to Universal then try to grab the Harry Potter ones when they go on sale or if your kid’s school does one of those hundred days where the kids dress up like old people – they’ve got you covered. And, if you’re okay with your kid going grocery shopping dressed as a squid – whatever, we wear them until they come apart at the seams (which usually takes longer than expected).

Go ahead and “Pin” them now and sign up for the email list you can get coupon codes. ?The best part is after Halloween the costumes go on super-clearance (like 90% off!). If you can afford not to be too picky on sizing and stash for the future you can get some really great deals.

I think my favorite for the sentiments is Boo (love my Monsters Inc.) but for originality the Alien Abduction ones. For the little nuggets the Hedgehog because…awww, that little girl is a hedgehog! And, did you see the mermaid pants?! I don’t even think those are a costume. My little girl would be wearing them everywhere! The Regal Eagle and classic Belle Ball gown have to be the loveliest. Ahh, well, it’s hard because I did pick all of our favorites!

Code CFByeBye will get your 20% off a $75 order through today 8/13.

This sale is over but check out these great options!

Happy Shopping!

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