napping child with bug sucker and a bucket
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Notes on July: How Not to Clean Crocs et. al.

The things that July taught me…

When spending $30 on a pair of shoes for your child seems too much I look to Crocs.  Crocs may just be the most perfect kid shoe ever invented.  As such, I can usually justify their expense as I know they will be so well-worn that I wouldn’t even donate them to Goodwill.  Jibbitz are optional but since last I checked, I am still a girl – I like to accessorize.  One of their most wonderful features is how easy they are to clean.  On a whim, I decided to follow someone’s advice about washing them in the dishwasher (I’ve sanitized other things in there – so why not?).  I think they failed to mention to skip the heat dry.  I shrunk these.  At least, they’ll be worthy of passing along (and, the Jibbitz were safe)…

Green Crocs with Buzzlightyear Jibbitz

Another harsh truth that came to light is that all of you people don’t love me enough to save me from mulching my yard.  Yeah, I know it’s my yard but those really just seem like details once the pile was delivered.  Good news!  I’m sure we’ll have another pile next year if you would like to redeem yourself in my eyes…

Just kidding! Sort of.  I still love most of you.  If I don’t it’s not a secret.  Subtlety is not my forte.


And, lastly,  remember it’s important to have the right tools for the job.  So when raising someone to pick up bugs for you a bug-sucker, a big bucket, and a nap are all essential tools of the trade.

napping child with bug sucker and a bucket

Hope your July was as enlightening as mine!

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