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08 | Läktoberfest

Läktoberfest DETAILS

From the organizer:

Break out your Lederhosen as we gear up to pay homepage to the great Munich festival of beer!
Saturday, October 8th is wide open to the public and will consist of the following:
⁃ Oktoberfest style brews
⁃ German contests (Men’s and Women’s Stein hold, and keg toss.)
⁃ Delicious German food specials
⁃ Special edition MERCH! (2022 LäktOberfest shirts and 32oz steins for sale)
⁃ LIVE MUSIC featuring The Dirty River Boys and more!

Again, this is all open to the public. Can’t wait to share this day with all our amazing patrons!

Timeline for the day:

  • Cornhole boards will be out, ask the bar for bags, just don’t let kids throw them in the lake! 🤣🤣
  • 4:15 Keg Toss – Open to everyone, stretch on your own.
  • 4:45 Lederhosen picture by the Lake!
  • 7pm: Men’s and Women’s stein hold
  • 7:45 The Dirty River Boys bring us home!


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