I have not forgotten you, my long lost loves!

See what happened was that we got this new house and it occupies all my time because we have an amazing amount of stuff and still can’t quite find a place to put it all and then I have this little test scoring gig that’s starting now and running through the next couple of weeks but their platform only works on Internet Explorer which sadly my little mac doesn’t like to display and of course the home computer decided the move was just too much for him and he decided to die too so I have no Internet Explorer except for on Dave’s computer but he insists he has to take it to work oh what’s a girl to do but alas I am trying to mooch off of some really smart people on the Internet who can make Microsoft stuff work on Apple stuff but I’m not sure I’m on their level enough to make it work Oh I do hope so because otherwise it’s off to the office tomorrow to try and get this stuff done and it’s awfully hard to focus on grading tests when a little munchkin wants you to play trains and watch the Lion King and color and go outside and pee in the grass and take a nap because he’s tired oh wait that last one would be mighty helpful Now I feel like a bad mom because at 1:41 am on a Monday morning I’m already looking forward to nap time I need to go to bed.

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