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Greater Houston Moms isn’t just another event calendar. It’s a resource 100% Houston-based, no national franchising or partnerships showing irrelevant information. We are here to support Houston moms who understand the struggle (and joys!) of keeping kids engaged during the post-holiday lull. Our website offers a treasure trove of information specifically curated for families, making January a breeze to navigate.

  • Curated Content: February can feel a little chilly. We highlight activities that get you moving and having fun, from indoor bowling and ice skating rinks to energetic museum exhibits and interactive workshops.
  • Direct Information: We don’t make you click around though page after page chasing information. We provide direct links and detailed listings complete with details like dates, times, costs, age appropriateness, and where to find further information.
  • January Event Highlights: Looking to go beyond the usual tourist spots? GHM features unique local experiences.

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Planning a January family adventure in Houston? Don’t waste time searching aimlessly. Head over to Greater Houston Moms and let them be your guide! With their comprehensive and user-friendly website, you can create the perfect itinerary for your family, ensuring a January filled with laughter, exploration, and lasting memories.

Bonus Tip: Greater Houston Moms also offers a vibrant online community where you can connect with other local parents, share experiences, and get recommendations for specific interests. So, bookmark the website and join the community for a fun-filled January in Houston!

Things to do in Houston This January