Advent with Kids 2014

Advent is a great tradition to add to your Christmas repertoire. It can be a very simple daily remembrance or something a bit more labor-intensive.

There are many, many shades of gray here.

A popular, fun, and simple option is the classic chocolate or sticker calendar. Each day leading up to Christmas a little “window” is opened revealing a treat. We have done and do those. But, it seemed like a great opportunity to infuse the real meaning of the season. Our version does that.

It is a nice mix of religion, fun, gifts, and activities. There is some prep work so if it’s 9:30 PM on November 30th this probably isn’t the one for you, but if you have some time to set up the envelopes, pick up the few gifts and supplies, and have a nativity on hand that kids can play with, then this is a very nice option.

Click the link below for the full pdf

Advent 2014

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