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Homeschool Curriculum | Here’s the Reason Families Want All-in-One Options

Curriculum for homeschooling is varied and many. There are numerous curricular options for every style of homeschooler so we are miring through and sharing the best, most-loved all-in-one homeschool curriculum options.

You could easily build your own curriculum from units and books that you self-assemble. For our intents and purposes, those will not be included here. We have another page dedicated to free online resources that delves into that a bit more. Or, head over to Pinterest and get crazy!

Here you will find curriculum that is all-in-one. Meaning you do not have to go elsewhere to supplement. With the exception of math. Very often amazing curriculum are assembled but because math levels vary so much many do not include it. Those will be included as well.

Why the focus on all-in-one? Because they simplify your homeschool and are a particular boon to families just starting their homeschool journey or those who do not want (or have the time) to sort through the myriad options. There are many reasons people turn to them time and time again whatever the reason they are a benefit to many homeschoolers and certainly make our lives easier at times!

We have generally sorted the list into types of curriculum, but overlap does exists – particularly in the all-in-one curriculum crowd as they tend to take the best from all options.

Our list is living and we want to include options that real homeschoolers use and love. Please feel free to share your favorites in the comments below!


Preschoolers do not need a formal curriculum. How to homeschool a preschooler:

  • Snuggle and Read all the books
  • Take nature walks (in all types of weather) – talk about what you see, hear, and feel
  • Play with paint, mud, and Play-doh – get messy
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Make art
  • Make lunch
  • Have fun!

If you do want something a little more guided here are some suggestions:


  • ABCYa – PreK through Jr. High, 100% access on desktop (app requires subscription)
  • Zoom School – PreK & Elementary subjects

Activities & Play


Classical education capitalizes on developmental stages and teaches to those stages through three levels – the trivium. First is the Grammar stage (ages 6-10). Young children are sponges, so in this stage student can absorb fact easily and these facts will set the foundation for advanced learning. The second stage is the Logic stage (ages 10-13) and coincides when children begin to think critically and connect cause and efect. They will call on all that stored knowledge and begin forming ideas about it. The final stage is the Rhetoric stage (ages 13-18). This is the final step where the knowledge and thinking come together to be expressed elegantly. During this stage the focus is on persuasive clear communication and beginning to specialize in interests. A great resource is The Well Trained Mind, by Susan Wise Bauer.


Logos Press – a literature-based curriculum for PreK through 6th grade

The Good and the Beautiful – The do not advertise as a classical curriculum but share many of the values, patterns, and features of classical education (they also combine a fair amount of Charlotte Mason). And, while there is not a one-click option for each level they are easy to ‘Add to Cart’ for each level and perfectly integrate with one another. For our take check out this post.


Charlotte Mason

The Charlotte Mason philosophy believes in education the whole person (not just the mind) and has a particular focus on using high-quality “living books.” Students will summarize and retell (narration) to show learning. There is an emphasis on short, quality lessons; music, nature & picture studies; copywork & dictation to learn grammar; and a healthy amount of free time. Charlotte Mason’s original writings are available for free but for a more practical approach consider reading For the Children’s Sake, by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay or A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola.


Ambleside Online – Free, online, literature-heavy curriculum for K-12

Living Books Curriculum – K through 8th, literature heavy

Simply Charlotte Mason – a literature-based curriculum for grades K-12 with a Christian world view


Unit Studies (Literature-Based Learning)

Unit Studies by definition are all-in-one (sometimes they are referred to as themed learning). To learn more how to create you own visit this post. However, in general a unit study will try to incorporate all the subjects but focus it around a specific topic. Most unit studies are literature-based but you can make a unit study out of any topic with whatever resources you choose.


Cadron Creek – Uses three-year long unit studies of three different series of books – Little House on the Prairie (3rd-6th) , Chronicles of Narnia (4th-8th), and Anne of Green Gables (Jr & High School)

Five in a Row– a unit study, literature-based curriculum for preschool through age 12

Heart of Dakota – PreK through 12th, sold in packages so you can pick and choose

Konos – K through 12th. Early years focus on character and later years follow the history cycle

Learning Adventures –  uses unit studies following the history cycle. For grades 4-8.

My Father’s World – based in history, Charlotte Mason, and classical education

Sonlight – Complete curriculum, 4 or 5 day a week programs

Train Up a Child – 1st through 12th.

Winter Promise – PreK through High school. Includes activities for families and differentiated learning for individual styles.


BookShark – flexible 4 day a week program

Build Your Library – K through 10th with Charlotte Mason leanings.

Illuminations from Bright Ideas Press – based around a history cycle and designed to be used with multiple ages

Moving Beyond the Page – designed for gifted & creative learners

Math Programs We Love

There are so many math curriculums out there! So, if one is not working do not feel bad switching. In our personal homeschool, I have used at least seven (and I only have two kids). Use what works.

Our list is composed of options suggested by actual homeschool parents not just a random Google search. As such, there will be curriculums that are not mentioned. If you know of one we did not list that you love please comment below!

Another note, if you are secular I would not necessarily be scared off of non-secular resources if that program is what works for your child. At the end of the day, math is math.


Abeka – PreK -12; Popular choice but can add up if you are using for many children. Books are consumable.

BJU Press – Standard math the way you learned it growing up!

Horizons – Spiral method to ensure mastery, K-8.

Math Lessons for a Living Education – The elementary program for Masterbooks. Charlotte Mason inspired affordable consumable books. Story-based with a lot of hands-on real-world applications.

Rod and Staff Math – Traditional methods

Simply Charlotte Mason – Simple, beautiful, no fluff math. Lessons are designed to be done in 20 minutes.


Beast Academy – hardcopy books and/ or online for logic-based elementary math; $25 to $150 bundle for both options

Center for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (British) – Full online curriculum. Free.

CTC Math – K-12, Online video tutorials & questions (or printable worksheets). Real-time parent reports. free trial with a large discount for homeschooling families

Life of Fred

Math Mammoth* – Affordable and can be purchased as a digital download. Designed to be self-taught fairly quickly. Printed workbooks are a bit cheaper on Amazon.

Math-U-See – A multi-sensory based math curriculum

Prodigy – Free game-based math program that adapts to your child’s level

Professor B Math (Mathematics Power Learning) – Concept-based for learning math clearly and quickly

Rightstart Math – Elementary and Middle School option that emphasizes visualization and strategies. Uses games for learning the facts.

Saxon* – K-12, Very popular with homeschools and brick and mortar. Versions published before 2011 are more spiral-method and less Common core. You can usually find good deals on used editions and manipulatives.

Singapore Math – A rigorous math option. CC* and non-CC editions. Used editions of textbooks can be found readily.

Teaching Textbooks – Gives you the first 15 Lessons for free as part of a trial then $40-70 per year. Starts at 3rd grade.

*Common core aligned


Looking for individual subjects online? Check out our list of Free High-Quality Curriculum Resources for Homeschoolers Online.