Celebrate Labor Day
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How to Labor Day Like a Boss!

Updated for 2019 fun!

Party Like You Have the Day Off!

As I’ve matured I am really coming to appreciate holidays like Labor Day.

You know, the fun ones?

I like that it’s all-inclusive, involves food, no presents, and you can enjoy some nice sales without family/ patriotic/ whatever guilt. So let’s get ready to kick back, relax, and have an awesome day!

Fast Facts

Things to Do

Labor Day Activities Around Houston



Monday, September 2nd, 2019 (probably your kids’ first school holiday). It is always the first Monday in September


Since 1894 it has been a nationally recognized holiday to honor American workers and their achievements.

THINGS TO DO: Attend or Host a Party

The most popular past time, for this holiday, is not laboring and this is usually done in the form of the casual gathering and/or hitting some sales (it’s a great time to buy appliances). If you are lucky enough to be invited to a party you get to do a whole lot less laboring. But, if you enjoy that sort of thing, here are some fun ideas for hosting your own party:

Easy Decorating Ideas

Labor Day Menu

Activities & Games

More Labor Day Ideas


If you are wanting to get “out” there are some great options around town. Also, a slew of new laws take effect September 1st – make sure you know what is going on!

Monday, September 2

Saturday, August 31

Sunday, September 1

All Weekend

Have a great weekend!

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