Blue door with a Christmas wreath for sensory friendly fun

Sensory Friendly Holidays in Houston

People come in all types and all types deserve to appreciate the most wonderful time of the year- sensory friendly options make that happen! Houston is decking the halls and carols are piping in from every speaker. But, for many, this can be very overwhelming. Fortunately, several places around town have gone the extra mile to shift into a different gear for holiday enjoyment for all!

What should you expect from a sensory friendly event? Change the environment is to be more acceptable for those who can become stressed due to the experience. Expect sounds and music to be softer, lights to be dimmer, and generally, anything that can physically reduced to minimize overload. However, if there is any concern reach out to the event to ensure the types of accommodations. At the end of the day, they want everyone to participate in the hap-happiest season of all!

Check out some great sensory friendly holiday options around Houston and be sure to tell us about your favorites!


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