This past weekend we had “technical difficulties.”  I put wee William to bed and flipped on the monitor.  Unfortunately, someone behind us has also invested in the super-cool-video monitor (and, they are just close enough that it messes with the feed in our room – where I like to sleep and monitor SBW).  Well, Sweet Baby Will was Sleeping Baby Will and the Daddy and I were being adults – watching TV in bed and then the monitor started doing that interference buzz.  So, without looking I reached over and adjusted it until the noise stopped.  Unwittingly, moving the monitor into a dead zone - where itRead More →

So, we went to REI to try boots on the boy child (for our upcoming winter wonderland adventure).  OMG, the meltdown that ensued was not even embarassing – I’m sure some parents would have been embarassed but I couldn’t quite get past the hilarity of watching him refuse to walk in them.  He would pick one foot up and just shake it – and, of course, he was a-wailin’.  Needless to say, we did not purchase snow boots. The wee little adorable boots pictured below were also met with resistance – the first time.  The next day however, no problem.  Unfortunately, they’re soft bottomed boots; notRead More →

Happy New Year!  We usually forgo the black-eyed pea tradition because they’re gross (or it could be some sort of adult rebellion against the spoonful that was shoved down my throat every year by my evil ex-stepfather, but I digress).  So, we’re working on some new food traditions, for luck.  This year SBW got to pick the food.  I think I’ll be picking next year.Read More →

Here’s some pics from Christmas morning.  SBW had lots to enjoy.  I think his fave was, in fact, the shopping cart.  It wouldn’t have been so over the top if stupid KB Toys hadn’t been going out of business.  It’s their fault we had a vacuum and Thomas the Train stuff.  But, at least, little Will likes all that stuff.Read More →

You may recall a special day earlier this year when I posted a picture of the new office.  Well, it seems we were not quite finished.  After Christmas it became clear we needed a bit more storage.  So, off to the Container Store we went and, joy of joys, the 30% off Elfa Sale was on.  It was like it was meant to be – with the exception that they had renamed all their wood shelves (we added Sycamore to our Birch, if you can tell your a frickin’ tree hugger – and I don’t mean that in the over-commercial-green way).  One hundred and fifty-ish dollarsRead More →

We had a great Thanksgiving.  Lots of good food and company.  We also had a special appearance by Cpt. Thanksgiving (and, later, from his nemisis, Cpt. Cranky-pants).  The kid was super cute and super fun – he performed well (like the little dancing monkey that he is). Read More →