The Dog Days of Summer are Here – Let’s Celebrate with a GIVEAWAY!


  1. My girl, Sheba has a fenced and does like some outdoor time but not on hot summer days. She stays in under the air conditioner and wants cold water. Her favorite place to lay is on the hard wood floors.

  2. A lot of water and inside the house with air conditioning.

  3. My dog beats the heat by laying in a kiddie pool.

  4. My dog likes to stay in the shade or air conditioning.

  5. My daughter’s dog swims in the kiddie pool to beat the heat of summer.

  6. My dog beats the heat by staying indoors. I wish that we had a pool for my dog to swim in.

  7. My dog loves to swim in the lake or stay inside under the air conditioner.

  8. My dog beats the heat by staying hydrated and going swimming frequently.

  9. She stays inside with A/C.

  10. They lay under the porch in the mud or in the house in the air conditioning.

  11. Our dog, Nala, likes to lay in front of the air conditioner. Even jump in the bathtib with water.

  12. They lay on the cool tile, or in front of the floor fan to stay cool.

  13. My dog beats the heat by drinking lots of water and staying under a shade tree when outdoors

  14. My kids grandparent’s dogs like to drink a lot of water and spend the hottest points of the day in doors

  15. My dog beats the heat by joining me in the pool for a swim.

  16. My dog beat the heat by swimming in his little dog pool I bought him

  17. Staying in the shade!

  18. My dog just sleeps all day over the a/c vent.

  19. My good friend’s dog loves to swim. We take him to the lake together and plat fetch.

  20. my dog like to sit on the top step of our swimming pool to cool off

  21. I take him to the beach and at night he gets frosty paws a dog ice cream and he also gets ice cubes.

  22. My dog is an avid ice cube lover. I give him ice chips so they are easy on his teeth and keeps him cool.

  23. I have 2 dogs — 1 loves the heat and the other one hates it. My Westie lays outside on the hot brick basking in the sun. My Aussie has his own fan and likes it when I turn the air on. His favorite spot cool stone tile floor in the front entry.

  24. No dogs here but my cats LOVE ice water when it is hot!

  25. Our dog primarily stays indoors, so he beats the heat by rarely going outside in the summer.

  26. My dogs like to go to the river and go swimming every chance they get.

  27. Don’t have a dog tbh, but my cat lays on the cold tiles

  28. My dogs beat the heat by staying inside with the A/C. They barely go outside for 2 minutes to do their business. This Texas heat is brutal for my 4 legged babies.

  29. by swimming in our pool 🙂

  30. Swimming or drinking water helps beat the heat.

  31. My dog beats the heat by rolling in the mud lol

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